The Benefits of Catering Lunch for Your Employees

Posted on September 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

Catered lunch boosts the morale of employees. Spending money on your employees and creating an
environment of trust and cooperation makes them feel like more valued members of their work place as
opposed to simple employees.
In 2018, more companies, especially startups, are taking the health of their employees into
consideration. Providing a healthy, catered meal to your employees guarantees that they don’t run
down to the fast-food chain next door and binge on a 1,000 calories double cheeseburger pumped with
Not only does this have a positive effect on their physical health but it also positively effects their
mental health. Eating healthy foods can increase alertness and energy in people whereas high-carb,
high-calorie diets often cause lethargy, which decreases productivity. This increased alertness and
productivity makes people more focused and determined, which serves as a direct boon to any company
or corporation.
Increasing the productivity of your staff will benefit the company for obvious reason. A staff more
committed to their work will help proliferate profit margins by producing a greater output for the same
level of input. There are few down sides to offering catered lunches. Of course, there’s one: the cost.

For those employers who may scuff at corporate caterers, there’s one potential perk: tax deductible.
While it’s not always true, most businesses who offer on-site food for their entire staff enjoy a fully tax-
deductible expense. The on-site lunch just has to meet a few requirements: it must be available to
everyone not just management, it must be on the business premises and it must be considered a perk.
Once you pass the hurdle of the cost of catering lunch for your staff, you will see the benefits almost
immediately. For employers, keep in mind that there are catering companies for every price range that
offer quality food no matter the budget.

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