Consultations & Fitness Evaluations

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Consultations and fitness evaluations are always FREE of charge Sessions typically last one hour with

Custom Bodies is dedicated to providing optimum results from your jump rope exercise programs  in a fun and effective manner.  Since each person comes to us with different, goals, challenges, lifestyles and fitness levels a one hour consultation and fitness evaluation gives us the opportunity to get to know each individual and how we can personalize a fitness program to help them reach their  goals.  This allows us to use your own objectives and exercise preferences to create a customized fitness plan. REMEMBER our goal is to help you to fit fitness into your lifestyle.  Whether your goals are weight loss, health solutions, individual glute and core training exercises or  a new and exciting workout routine, we have a program for you

Fitness evaluations are administered prior to beginning and every 3 – 4 weeks during your program.  This will ensure a safe and effective program.

 Consultations include an examination of:

  • Current Lifestyle, behavior and habits
  • Previous Fitness programs – experiences & outcomes
  • Goals and previous challenges in reaching them
  • Evaluation of current  exercise program (if any) and    food intake  relating to your fitness goals
  • Expectations and concerns
  • Fitness evaluation

     Fitness Evaluations

After completing a Custom Bodies Par – Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire) and health screening forms, the following tests will be administered. This will allow us to chart your progress as   well as establish a baseline  fitness level from which to design the most effective fitness program possible. For special populations (i.e.: high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, etc.) additional tests will be performed by your physician and monitored by Custom Bodies, Inc.

  • Body Composition (body fat)
  • Flexibility
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Strength of core muscle groups and primary movers
  • Resting heart rate

Please contact us for more information about Consultations & Fitness Evaluations or to set up a Free Consultation

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