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How do fat free foods relate to actual fat burning?

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Consuming fat free foods has become one of the most popular ways for dieters to attempt to lose weight.  Many dieters have unfortunately confused these foods with fat burning foods.  Fat free foods are not beneficial towards weight loss for these foods are high in carbohydrates.  Fat burning foods on the other hand are hand picked specifically for their ability to burn actual body fat tissue.

Why exactly then do dieters believe that fat free foods are effective foods for producing weight loss results?  Because the weight loss industry has purposely confused dieters in to believing that these foods are the same as fat burning foods.  You see, many people misinterpret the term fat free foods to mean that these foods will produce fat loss results.  This is not true for these foods are several times more likely to produce weight gain than fat burning results.

Fat free foods are extremely high in carbohydrates and excess carbohydrates are stored in the body as fat tissue just as are excess fats.  This is exactly why it is impossible to attain fat burning results with these foods because far too many carbohydrates are being consumed.  Exactly how is it that fat free foods such as cookies, pastries, potato chips and ice cream are beneficial towards the weight loss process?  How can eating cookies, pastries, potato chips and ice cream cause fat burning to take place when these are the types of foods that make our society fat in the first place? You’d be better suited signing up for a Smyrna personal trainer gym.

The bottom line is that fat free foods are fattening and not beneficial towards the weight loss process as advertised.  These foods cause weight gain and in order to begin burning fat is necessary to consume fat burning foods.  It is understandable however that many people will refuse to believe this fact because fat free foods causing weight loss sounds so reasonable to them.  Unfortunately it is this ignorance towards the subject of fat burning that causes over 80% of american adults to be obese and in desperate need of weight loss.

Client Representation

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  • Representation of Transdyn Controls. Our qualified scored a victory for our client Transdyn Controls in a suit against the City and County of San Francisco. Transdyn and its joint venture partner, Cresci Electric, Inc., were awarded a $10.6 million contract by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for the design and installation of a system to monitor the quality and flow of the Bay Area’s water supply. Not long after our client received the award, a third party threatened a lawsuit challenging San Francisco’s minority subcontracting requirements on the grounds that they violate California’s Proposition 209. When the PUC attempted to rescind the award to Transdyn/Cresci and put the contract out for rebid, our lawyers obtained an immediate stay. The trial court ultimately denied our client’s petition for a writ of mandate compelling the PUC to execute the contract and proceed with Transdyn/Cresci as the contractor. In a published opinion, however, the California Court of Appeal reversed and directed the trial court to issue Transdyn/Cresci’s requested writ enforcing our client’s contract. Transdyn/Cresci v. City and County of San Francisco, 72 Cal.App. 4th 746 (1999).

Contract Claims/Termination Claims

  • Representation of Avondale Industries. Our qualified assisted Avondale in preparing and negotiating a claim for approximately $60 million on the Navy’s sealift program. Avondale based its claim on a defective Navy specification of the ship’s deck socket cargo lashing system. Our qualified assisted with both the entitlement and cost portions of the claim. Avondale ultimately settled the claim with the Navy on favorable terms.
  • Representation of SSC Tunnelers. Our qualified lawyers represented SSC Tunnelers, a joint venture of Obayashi Corporation and Dillingham Construction N.A., in preparing and negotiating a termination for convenience claim in connection with a $33 million tunneling contract terminated as part of the cancellation of the Superconducting Super Collider.
  • Representation of a New Jersey storage company.

Airline Shipping

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We have been providing freight forwarding solutions for the management and
administration of domestic and international exhibit airfreight shipments since 1985.

Airfreight by its very nature is an urgent shipment. Exhibit airfreight holds an evan greater
responsibility for the forwarder. We clearly understand this responsibility
and proven our success in this area of operations is based upon the special attention we give  to monitoring any shipments progress through the various third parties handling
responsibility and our ability to act swiftly when necessary so as to minimise any en-route airline
or customs clearance delays. Failure to meet a requested deadline is unacceptable to us due
to our overriding understanding of the importance of how any delay can impact on other areas of an
exhibiting customers overall goal at the event.

Although a self storage is optimal, we ensure that every possible time advantage is obtained for both export
and import shipments.  The total independence that we enjoy allows the
selection of the correct shipment method and ground services agent for every shipment. With long
established relationships with all the major airlines and consolidators, we’re sure to
make the correct choice every time as appropriate.

Experience has taught us that a close working relationship and understanding of our customer’s mode
of operations and any current project will always allow us to better serve them. We
thinks of ourselves as an extension to our customers operation, offering advice on difficult destinations or
schedules and early precaution when presented with availability and delivery deadlines.

Consultations & Fitness Evaluations

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Consultations and fitness evaluations are always FREE of charge Sessions typically last one hour.

Custom Bodies is dedicated to providing optimum results from your jump rope exercise programs  in a fun and effective manner.  Since each person comes to us with different, goals, challenges, lifestyles and fitness levels a one hour consultation and fitness evaluation gives us the opportunity to get to know each individual and how we can personalize a fitness program to help them reach their  goals.  This allows us to use your own objectives and exercise preferences to create a customized fitness plan. REMEMBER our goal is to help you to fit fitness into your lifestyle.  Whether your goals are weight loss, health solutions, individual glute and core training exercises or  a new and exciting workout routine, we have a program for you

Fitness evaluations are administered prior to beginning and every 3 – 4 weeks during your program.  This will ensure a safe and effective program.

 Consultations include an examination of:

  • Current Lifestyle, behavior and habits
  • Previous Fitness programs – experiences & outcomes
  • Goals and previous challenges in reaching them
  • Evaluation of current  exercise program (if any) and    food intake  relating to your fitness goals
  • Expectations and concerns
  • Fitness evaluation

     Fitness Evaluations

After completing a Custom Bodies Par – Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire) and health screening forms, the following tests will be administered. This will allow us to chart your progress as   well as establish a baseline  fitness level from which to design the most effective fitness program possible. For special populations (i.e.: high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, etc.) additional tests will be performed by your physician and monitored by Custom Bodies, Inc.

  • Body Composition (body fat)
  • Flexibility
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Strength of core muscle groups and primary movers
  • Resting heart rate

Please contact us for more information about Consultations & Fitness Evaluations or to set up a Free Consultation

Networking: What It Is, and What It Does for You!

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  • We are not dependent on each other; nor are we independent of each other; we are all interdependent with each other.
  • Each of us has a personal sphere of influence of about 250 people. And so does every new person we meet.
  • All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.
  • It isn’t just what you know, and it isn’t just who you know.
  • Business cards are not a big deal. We need them mainly to get the other person’s card.

Sphere of Influence

Are you familiar with the term sphere of influence as something apart from typical lawyer SEO? Sphere of influence is simply the people you know — people who are somehow, some way a part of your life, directly or even very indirectly.

Your sphere of influence includes everyone from immediate family members to distant relatives: close friends to casual acquaintances, the person who delivers the mail, the plumber, the tailor, the person who cuts your hair — practically anybody who in some way touches your life and whose life you touch.

Those who know how to use the tremendous strength of a network realize this very important fact:

“We are not dependent on each other; nor are we independent of each other; we are all interdependent with each other.”

The true strength really comes through when we realize that all the people in our network are also part of other people’s networks that we ourselves don’t personally know. And that, indirectly, makes each of those people part of our network too.

Have you ever heard of Joe Girard? Based out of a Chevrolet dealership in Detroit, Michigan, he was one of the world’s most successful car salespeople. Officially, he was actually the most successful car salesperson in the world for 14 years. That’s how long he was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for selling the most cars in the world in a year’s time.

In his book, How to Sell Anything to Anybody, Girard explains what he calls Girard’s Law of 250. Basically, the law states that each of us has a personal sphere of influence of about 250 people.

Therefore, figure that every time you meet someone new, that person, even that average person, also has about 250 people in his or her sphere of influence. You know that once that person becomes part of your network, another 250 people indirectly become part of your network as well. Cultivate a network of enough new people, and your personal sphere of influence will soar to incredible heights.

Hip Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

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·         Which implant is the best?

This is about as difficult a question to answer as “Which car is the best?”. There is a certain amount of individual preference to this decision and will affect your back pain after. With new materials and stem designs now being introduced, there is a matter of judgement about risk of taking on improved designs that may be unproven in the human body. By trying something that is new and improved you may need to take on some of that risk. That said, even the “old devices” seem to be constantly changing so it may not be as clear-cut to accept past record as an indicator of future performance as it may seem.

·         My doctor said he is going to use a titanium implant, is that a good one?

I’m not sure why it seems many doctors are telling their patients this. Perhaps because titanium sounds high tech and they feel the patients will be reassured he is using the best metal for golf clubs. Titantium can be used in hip implants in the stem and on the backing of the acetabular component to create a rough surface for bone ingrowth. When used in a stem it has the advantage over cobalt-chrome in that is more flexible, so it will flex more with the bone. As for longevity, the metal of the stem is probably less important than other details such as the composition of the articulating surfaces (junction of ball-and-socket). Titanium is never used for the articulating surfaces because it is too soft.

·         When is the right time to stop waiting and have surgery?

For me I was having significant pain in certain situations more than 4 years before I had surgery. I waited until it had advanced to where I had severe pain and joint stiffness after any exertion (such as doing yardwork or a lot of walking). My range of motion had been affected so much that climbing stairs was a problem and I could no longer ride a bike. The decision came down to one of quality of life — in order to avoid situations with a lot of standing or walking I was passing up a lot of activities to the point I felt my life had become one of only avoiding pain. Although I wasn’t in pain all the time, it was enough that at times I felt it was affecting my personality.

Loaded with Over 200 PAGES of Easy-to-Use Tools to Help You Get Organized Now!

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Most planners contain a few calendars, appointment pages, and To Do lists. But, the Get Organized Now! Easy Organizer is not just a planner. It is so much more!

The Easy Manhattan Professional Organizer is chock-full of specialty tools to help you Get Organized Now! It’s the only organizer you’ll ever need!

With everything you have going on in your life, (family, career, goals, education and so on) it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a simple system that would help you get everything organized?

Since I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to help out, I’ve come up with a solution that I know you’re going to love!

Introducing . . . the NEW Get Organized Now! Easy Organizer. It’s not just a planner. It’s much, much more! The Easy Organizer is loaded with tools to help you plan, schedule, remember events, keep in touch, stay fit, make decisions quicker, get your family on an organized schedule, prioritize, keep track of great ideas–the list goes on and on!

Each tool is effective, simple and ready to use immediately.

In the NEW Get Organized Now! Easy Organizer, you will find tools to help you…organize every aspect of your life

  • keep your priorities clear
  • protect valuable personal time
  • manage and assign family activities
  • eliminate the “little notes everywhere”syndrome
  • monitor deadlines
  • plan projects in a snap
  • always have important information at your fingertips
  • go grocery shopping with ease
  • keep and maintain a personal wish list
  • remember “everything”
  • be prepared for your meetings
  • keep in touch with ease

Transportation Management

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Quality Transportation, Service and Delivery are all key in providing your guests with the comfort and reliability of movement.  From the first impressions at Tampa International Airport to that special evening out, uniformed Helpful staff will provide that extra touch that no other service can provide, going that extra mile.  Quality air conditioned motor coaches, mini coaches, vans, town cars, and stretch limousines will transport you and your attendees from Bay to Causeway in reliability and comfort.
  • Airport Transportation:  We provide services for both small and large groups professionally and smoothly.  We cover all the bases from manifests to departure notices so that your transportation needs are met completely.
  • Event Transportation:  We provide uniformed staff for all events, our tour guides have a thorough knowledge of the Tampa Bay area and will chaperone your group to and from any or all events planned with Helpful.
  • Other Transportation:  Are you just looking for a limo to take a few of you out on the town in Ybor?  A luxury coach for dinner?  No job is too big or too small for Helpful.  Sporting events, evening outings, shopping at a local outlet mall, or just a casual Orlando photo booth for the day, simply contact us for more information.

Common Wedding Photography Articles

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Attention Film Shooters – We Remain Here For You!
Finally, something solid in this world of change!  We are dedicated to the long term support and production of optical printing with huge standing investments in equipment such as our photo booth rentals in west palm beach, talented operators and experienced customer service. As we see many labs forcing their customers out of shooting film, we’re happy to welcome all film shooters to our fully capable high quality optical printing labs. With over 45 years of traditional printing experience, we know photographers can count on us continue providing the photographic community with exceptional quality and the ability to choose optical or digital printing services.
2005 Learn the Curve Seminar – REGISTER HERE!!!
In response to our customer’s needs and requests, we just announced a nationwide educational tour in 2005! This tour is designed to help photographers through the “learning curve” of using all of today’s digital technologies. This educational endeavor is appropriately called “Learn The Curve” tour and features full day seminars throughout the country beginning January 2005. Registration will begin in a few days and space will be very limited.  To find out more Click Here!
It’s Back – The 2005 Big Print Special
Enjoy increased profits and promotional opportunities with our 90 day Big Print Special.  Qualifying orders of 3 – 16×20’s or larger will receive special pricing up to 30% below catalog pricing!  Click Here for more information.
Free – Live – On-Line Training Sessions for PrintIt PRO & NOW
offering free WebEx classes over the next few weeks for customers ready to learn the revolutionary PrintIt PRO & PrintIt NOW workflow and ordering system.  Be sure tosign up today, limited space!   Click here for more information.
PrintIt PRO & PrintIt NOW Continue Seamless Upgrades for FREE!
The new PrintIt PRO & PrintIt NOW workflow ordering solutions from us are able to automatically update themselves with the latest products, pricing, and enhancements every time you open the program.  Our latest enhancements include all greeting/Christmas cards now online.  PrintIt will also now allow you to convert a color image to B&W, browntones or Sepia with the click of a button.  It will also allow you to mix color and B&W on the same proof book or composite pages.!  To learn more about this feature, and others, be sure to visit our PrintIt TIPS  page by clicking here.  To learn more about the PrintIt system, visit the PrintIt PRO & PrintIt NOW web pages by clicking on the appropriate product.
2005 Presidential Circle Symposium Announced!
Presidential Circle annual symposium will take place February 27 – March 2, 2005 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  For all the details or to learn how to become a member of Burrell Professional Labs’ Presidential Circle click here.

Outdoor Pursuits For Those Who suffer with Back pain

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If you’re a person who periodically suffers from mild to average back-pain but you benefit from the outdoors and you’d want to keep a dynamic lifestyle, there are many solutions for you. Generally, mild power non-weight bearing routines are not dangerous for those who have a terrible back and will even enable them become healthier.

Bicycle Riding

Cycling is completed while seated. Which means that for some folks who suffer with occasional back pain (except people who encounter extreme pain), cycling is a good approach to get outdoors and remain effective so you may be able to avoid an encounter with a spine doctor in NJ. You might want to use a stationary cycling device, if you prefer to become much more cautious along with your back. These might be located outdoors or inside and they’re a lot more gentle on your own back. You could possibly even want to look into joining a spin course. Remember. As opposed to hovering ride along with your back straight up. This may assist in preventing anxiety to your spine.


Outside walking is highly recommended by several companies like the American Heart Relationship as being a smart way to get exercise, although walking might appear easy. Additionally, as long as you training posture that is excellent, walking should not cause you any back problems. Jogging additionally enhances aerobic health insurance and continues to be linked with anxiety that is lowered.

For people who desire something a bit more intensive, climbing is an option that is great. Determined by back tenderness and your level of fitness you may want to pick an easier or more challenging walk. If you require them make sure to stay hydrated and take plenty of pauses.


Skating is another fantastic choice for those who suffer with back pain because of it’s really low weight bearing requirements. This makes swimming an excellent kind of low impact aerobic exercise. Skating can also be a good way for pain individuals to relax considering that your system fat is supported by the water and eliminates almost all stress from your back.